Design services

We offer both virtual and on-site interior decorating services, to transform your residential or commercial space.

Virtual interior design

In our virtual interior design service, the entire design process is done virtually for your convenience and affordability.

Our designers carefully select the colours, furniture, furnishings and accessories with your room and unique design style in mind.

We can also order your new approved furniture and decor for you and have it delivered to your door, for you to install, in just 14 days.

The cost to create your personalised room design is R1 495.  The renovation budget is up to you!

Not finding a design to your exact taste? Let us custom design a room for you.

On-site interior design

If you are looking for a comprehensive interior design service, then Home in a Box is here to make your dream space a reality.

Our interior design team will meet with you and learn more about both you and the space to be renovated. Giving you the perfect space is our priority, and we will get to know your tastes, likes and needs on a personal level.

We will create a custom new design for your space, order the approved furniture and accessories, and install them in your home.

The cost of consulting with us is R550.00 per hour. The cost of the project will depend on your budget, and will be discussed with you in advance.

Our comprehensive interior design are offered anywhere in KwaZulu Natal.

Should you need a more hands-on service, let us come to you