Virtual interior design fee


Shop your virtual custom interior design service for one room or space in your home.

NB: Kindly e-mail the following information to, within 48 hours of submitting this form. Kindly quote your full name as the reference.

1. Floor-plan of the room
 Hand-drawn floor-plans are welcome.
 Please insert the dimensions of the walls; and show the placements and sizes of windows, doorways and cupboards.
 If this is an open-plan room, then we require the dimensions of the area designated for this particular space only.

2. Photographs of the present room – one showing each wall, and two showing the entire room.

3. Photograph of the flooring in the room.

4. If you have inspiration pictures, we would love to see them. These could be pictures of:
 Decorated rooms or homes that you like;
 Colours or colour schemes that you like; and
 Any images that convey a specific theme or feeling that you want the room to have.



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